I am so excited to share this new PREMIUM studio with you...

For the last several years I have been dreaming about building a REAL online community around my mat. Around my style of teaching. My approach to yoga, life, meditation, and how it all connects.


Using the yoga mat is a vehicle for us to better live in our everyday lives. 

What Does It Look Like?

Others are showing you fancy poses, complicated asanas - and that is all good and fine. But poses that make sense for our modern bodies...

  • Moves for a mom of four who still pees her pants while running, jumping or laughing

  • Moves to combat all the sitting we do (and we do a LOT of it)

  • Moves to help eliminate back pain, improve core strength, release sticky fascia (and explain what the heck that is)

  • Moves that make sense and take us through a dance on our mats that liberates our soul and clears our minds

Bonuses Included in the Premium Membership

Extra Reasons You Won't Want to Miss This Opportunity!

  • MEMBERS ONLY Facebook Group

    Access to the Private Facebook Group, with direct access to Hope and the online community. Hope will share tips, wellness ideas, and challenges to keep you inspired.

  • LIVE Yoga Sessions with Hope

    2-4 Yoga Sessions Taught LIVE by Hope, with an opportunity for Q&A and extra discussion about health and wellness. You don't want to miss this!

  • ENTIRE Asana Video Library ($137 value)

    It includes a breakdown of more than 60 yoga poses, available to you at the click of a button. They will leave you feeling like you can finally fill the gaps in your practice. It will answer the how's and the why's and what if’s.