Brush up on the in's and out's of movements and asanas to enhance your practice or teaching! 

Stop wondering about the HOW'S and WHY'S of yoga's staple postures.

For those registered with Yoga Alliance, the Asana Video Library counts towards non-contact CEC's (continuing education credits).

  • Learn STEP by STEP instruction just like you were live in training.

  • Watch videos OVER again and again.

  • LEARN modifications, adaptions and substitutions for poses so there is no more wondering on the mat.

  • Gain NEW insights to movements, new ways of thinking and new ways praticing each pose for a safer more functional yoga.

  • Learn NEUTRAL as it pertains to our everyday body in a yoga setting.

Hope’s Asana Video Library is the first of its kind.

Hope’s Asana Video Library is the first of its kind. Aside from the base of staple postures, Hope will continue to add and tweak videos so you can keep learning. Finally, a solution for yogis of all kinds to get answers to asana questions they may have wondered about for years and responded with things like “that’s normal”, or “it will get better with time”, or my favorite “everybody is different”. 

Learn tips, tweaks, and techniques that will create an educational environment and help both you and your students take their bodies back once and for all. 

No more “yoga shoulder”, or “pinchy lower back”, no more “my body just doesn’t do that” or “that’s too hard”. When you understand how the body moves and where body parts belong, asana begins to make more sense. And yes, even in yoga we can hurt more than help. So, let’s change that once and for all!



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Hope Zvara Asana Video Library


This online library will continue to be updated and added to as Hope continues to shoot videos. Enjoy! Welcome to Hope Zvara's Asana Video Library. This virtual offering has sprung out of continuous requesting for an extended way for Hope to guide you through the poses.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Tadasana & Posture

    • Tadasana
  • 2


    • Torso Circles
    • Seated Cat-Cow
    • Arm Circles
    • Cherry Picking
    • Standing Cat-Cow
    • Thread the Needle Version 1 & 2 and Broken Table Balance
    • Shoulder Warm Up with Strap
    • Nerve Glides and Neck Stretches
    • Pelvic Tilting with Pelvic Floor
  • 3


    • Downward Dog to Runners Lunge Transition
    • Runners Lunge Transition: Forward Bend & Downward Dog
    • Runners Lunge into Warrior II Transition
    • Jump Transition: Down Dog to Forward Bend and Forward Bend to Down Dog
  • 4

    Standing Poses

    • Runners Lunge
    • Deep Lunge
    • High Lunge
    • Functional Warior I
    • Warrior II
    • Warrior II at the Wall
    • Standing Straddle
  • 5

    Basic Core Poses

    • Road Map to Your Core Seminar
    • Pelvic Floor 101: 3 Points of the Pelvic Floor
    • Table Top
    • Stretching Cat
    • Plank Pose
    • Plank Pose 3 Areas of Contraction
    • Plank Pose Adjustments
    • Side Plank
    • Scapular Push-Ups
    • Chaturanga / Push-Up
  • 6

    Forward Bends

    • Standing Forward Bend
    • Standing Straddle Forward Bend
    • Functional Hamstring Stretch & Standing Head to Knee
  • 7

    Balance Poses

    • Warrior III
    • Warrior III at the Wall
    • Half Moon
    • Half Moon at the Wall
  • 8


    • Revolved Lateral Angle
    • Revolved Lateral Angle: Power Twist
    • Reclined Spinal Twist: Single and Double Leg
  • 9

    Seated Poses

    • Hero Pose
    • Supine Hero
    • Dandasana
    • Dandasana Sliders
    • Supta Dandasana and Core Challenge Dandasana
  • 10


    • Chair Pose
    • High Squat / Goddess Pose
    • Functional Squat
  • 11

    Hip Releases

    • Figure Four in a Chair
    • Figure Four Stretch
    • Bound Angle
    • Wind Reliever: Double and Single Leg
    • Pigeon Pose
    • Upright Pigeon and Resting Pigeon
    • Sliding Pigeon
    • Cowface Pose
    • Half Cowface Pose
    • Reclined Cowface Pose
    • Full Cowface Pose
    • Reclined Hip Rolls/Twist: Psoas & Hip Flexor Variation
  • 12


    • Downward Dog & Puppy Dog
    • Downward Dog Split (AKA 3 Legged Dog)
    • Inverted Wall Support Basics
    • Forearm Headstand
    • Three Point Headstand
    • Forearm Balance
    • Plow Pose
  • 13

    Extensions (AKA-Back Bends)

    • Bow Pose
    • Bridge Pose
    • Bridge ROM Challenge
    • Rolling Bridge-Single Arm Variation
    • Bridge Lift and Lower
    • Rolling Bridge
    • Marching Bridge
    • Sliding Bridge
    • Cobra
    • Pulling Cobra
    • Swimming Cobra
    • Dancer Pose
    • Half and Full Locust
    • Half Camel at the Wall: Quad and Psoas Release
    • Simple Fish & Supported Fish
    • Upward-Facing Bow
    • Camel Pose and Variations
  • 14

    Arm Balances

    • Crow Pose
  • 15

    Relaxation Positions

    • Relaxation Positions + Neck and Pelvis Release Assists
    • Rolling Up from Reaxation
  • 16

    Dynamic Sequences

    • Functional Cat-Cow
    • Staff of Brahman
    • Shambhava Moon Salutation
    • Sun Salutations: Functional Hatha Yoga Basic Sequence
  • 17


    • Plow to Seated Forward Bend
    • Wrist and Hand Stretches
    • Donkey Kicks
    • How to use a blanket for neck support
  • 18

    Bonus Material

    • Om Namaha Shivaya
    • Preparing to Sit for Meditation
    • 5 Minute Meditation Audio with Hope Zvara
  • 19

    Breathing Practices (Pranayama)

    • Introduction to Deep Abdominal Breathing
    • Rib Cage Breathing (Umbrella Breath)
    • Butterfly Breath
    • Self Empowerment Breath (Push Pull Breath)
    • Alternate Nostril Breath
  • 20

    Beyond the Asana Video Library

    • Hope's ONLINE Studio
    • What to expect in Hope's ONLINE studio...