Hey there, Hope Zvara here.

15-year yoga geek and mother to three and one angel in the sky. Prenatal and postnatal care is near and dear to my heart and I love what yoga can do for you when you are pregnant. Hormones raging, body doing things that "isn't normal" and this little life growing inside that is eating like crazy. Let's just say that there are probably more than one moment where you feel like your body is just not yours anymore.

Yoga during pregnancy, when practiced with someone educated on the body during pregnancy is an amazing way to gain relief from swollen ankles, aching back, crazy groin pain from all those stretching muscles, and often instant relief from sleepless nights and pregnancy-induced headaches.

Next to walking, yoga is one of the top two ways a woman can take care of her body during pregnancy. And the bonus yoga offers is a deeply built connection you create with your little one before they are even born.

These classes are not only safe and effective for pregnant mom's, but truly they are safe classes for prenatal and postnatal moms as well as anyone who desires to practice yoga in a safe manner.

I invite you to enjoy a great yoga experience!

All classes are beginner friendly and assess all abilities for a safe, enjoyable practice!

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