Pelvic-Core Restore 10-Week Mini Ball Program with Hope Zvara

This 10-week video course will guide you step-by-step through powerful game-changing core movements and sequences that will replace any core exercises you are currently implementing with success beyond comparison.

Are you ready to:

  • Feel your core the moment you start the program?
  • Gain a stronger core AND back
  • Access your obliques to melt your waistline?
  • Feel stronger in every day movements?
  • No longer deal with...ahem...annoying pelvic floor problems?
  • Reduce pain and injury?
  • Work your core 10x more effectively without all the strain?
  • Create a body you feel strong and confident in every single day?

This 10-week video course will:

  • Teach you where your core actually is (hint-squeezing your glute or doing a bunch of crunches does not get you even close).

  • Explain & teach you how to access those muscles (because if you don't know where they are-how can you activate them).

  • Build a relationship with your deepest core muscles, one's that serve you from the inside out!

  • Learn that your core is much larger than just your 6-pack abs, but rather 360 degrees round, top and bottom, front and back.

  • Teach you both core control and core strength building-they are not the same.

  • Guidance into what major muscles most people over use thinking they are accessing their core, and aren't-plus, how to stop the unsuccessful cycle.

  • Guide you safely & progressively through specific core building movements that give you instant feedback & instant results.

  • Better back care with exercises that treat your back as a part of the core giving you better support and relief.

  • Movements that everyone, at any age can do, if you can get down on the floor then you can engage in this core transforming program!

  • Plus, learn how to successfully utilize your core in everything that you do-because core work isn't something that you do, it's everything you do!

It's time to make a mindset shift so you can restore your pelvic-core and bring life back to this vital area of the body!

Having immersed myself in the yoga and fitness community for the last fifteen years now, I've noticed the #1 thing that trips people up over and over again - especially when it comes to quality effective core work - is they keep doing the same thing expecting different results.  

Thinking 100 sit-ups is going to give them a flat stomach, but instead, it creates a pooch under the navel and a hell of a lot of neck pain. 

Thinking that core work is somehow separate from everything else they engage in during the day. Like the core is a purse that you pick up when you need it and then set it down when you don't. People, your core is the most central part of your body, everything feeds into your core, and if you are engaging in any type of exercise you must understand this area of the body and how to successfully access it. 

Never fully realizing that in the search for a body to be proud of, less back pain, and a core that extends strength and stability into everything they engage in all they have really done is "search". Never really ever investing in something to help them, let alone just allowing them the right to invest in something to better themselves. So a year goes by and still they keep doing the same thing expecting different results. 

Finally, A Core Program That Makes Sense

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