After years of struggle thinking, I was a special unicorn and that no one understood my struggle I realized something VERY important. 

As much as I hated my struggle, stress, and stuck-ness. It was comfortable and familiar, and THAT was keeping me STUCK!

When I look back at my journey I noticed a pattern, a pattern of breaking free. 

  • I saw things unfold in a particular order. 
  • I saw myself developing skills and mindset shifts in a particular order. 
  • I saw myself using my yoga practice in a way I could only show on the mat in a particular way. 

I want to share that with you!

These things became my lifeline, my line of HOPE. And I held onto it. 

And HOPE means a lot of different things. 

This program is about to bring you to hope and helping you excel with the life you want to live!
Hope Means: 

  • Helping Others Purposefully Excel 
  • Hold On Pain Ends
  • Have Only Positive Expectations
  • Heart Open Please Enter

Whatever HOPE means to you... 

I want to help you...

And instead of accidentally doing it right once in a while, with this program, you are purposefully putting these practices into place for life.

Living on purpose again!

Holding on to hope again!

Seeing the good in life again!

It's not just about the practices... I will help you with the follow-through so you feel different as well.

In this sixteen-week program, we cover three key areas: Breath, Body, and Belief. All three are necessary for sustainable success.

And these KEY areas are broken down in a way that is digestible, understandable, and implementable! 

Are You Ready to Solve Your Self-Care and Mindshifting Needs?


Jump Start The Best Version of Yourself!

  • Private Community

    You'll have access to a private Facebook group where you can engage with other's who are taking this course alongside you. You'll be able to ask questions, provide support and get feedback from others. I'll be joining in the discussions as well!

  • Live Teachings from Hope

    You will have questions. And I want to answer them. The Private Facebook Community will allow you to ask questions and tune into weekly teaching from Hope. To stay inspired and ready for the next steps with confidence. (starting soon)

Benefits of this Program

It's time to get your priorities straight so that you can achieve your goals.

  • Group support from other people just like you, so you are never alone.

  • Email support from me, whenever you need it!

  • Weekly videos including meditations, affirmations, and journaling.

  • Mindful Movement & Yoga video practices themed to match each weeks focus and content.

  • Gain real time knowledge and insights from someone who has been there.


owner of Shiva & Shakti yoga and massage

Katie Schliepp

owner of Shiva & Shakti yoga and massage

Learning from Hope is a blessing. Her passion about the body and how it’s meant to move is inspiring. Her openness about her personal struggles really helped me learn more about mine, and gave me the courage to face my issues head-on, knowing if I ever needed to reach out she’d be there. I love her insight and kindness. I can’t say enough how blessed I feel to have her as a mentor in my professional and personal life.
Yoga Teacher and Core Functional Fitness Teacher, CrossFit Enthusiast

Val Bielinski

Yoga Teacher and Core Functional Fitness Teacher, CrossFit Enthusiast

The amazing training I took from you has already started to impact what I do…, creator of the world most comprehensive TNC program

Karen Urbanek, creator of the world most comprehensive TNC program

Hope is an absolutely wonderful educator, her mind is full of information that you would benefit from…

Hold Onto HOPE, Together We Got This!

My Story

For years I struggled with an extremely self-destructive lifestyle, and negative self-talk. 

I danced with addiction, depression, extreme jealousy, limiting beliefs, feeling less than ALL THE TIME. 

I would be lying if I didn't say that I long story short, hated myself.

But over the last 20 years I have clawed my way out of the septic tank of self-destruction and struggle to living a life I am proud of.

>>Before I knew I had a purpose but didn't feel worthy to live up to it.
>>Before I desperately wanted to use my voice and share what I had to say but feared I would be seen less than and judged.
>>Before I used my time to self-destruct my goals, because I always felt others were better than me. 

It took the elements of this course to get me to where I am today: loving my body, a complete shift in my internal self-talk, and seeing opportunities everywhere. 

I didn't want the growth, self-care and life changes to stop on the mat, I want you to have more. Because I know what is possible.  I am living proof of that. 

I've learned how to truly live yoga off the mat and actually apply those principles to my life to not just live a more positive life. But live a more productive and purposeful life as well. 

Hope's Bio

Helping Others Purposefully Excel for over 17 years.

Helping Others Purposefully Excel for over 17 years.

For nearly 20 years I have used the yoga mat to inspire, guide and lead others to living their best life. Loving the body they are in and looking at all life gives them with a positive out look. 

Knowing that no matter how hard life gets, you should never lose hope. 

In the last five years I have taken my yoga tool box and flipped it upside-down. Taking all I have learned through yoga and dozens of others training's on how to live a purpose driven life, how to prioritize your time when you don't have any. And how to see what you have been given as blessings. So you no longer have to be on a yoga mat, in my small town yoga studio to take a life changing journey with me. 

My mission is to share my story and help others live the best damn life possible. If I can go from a walking corpse, stricken with a deadly eating disorder, to a healthy mom of three, running not one but two successful businesses. I can only imagine what is in store for you!

16-Week Curriculum

  • Week 1: Getting Honest with Yourself
  • Week 2: Simplifying Your Life
  • Week 3: It's OK to Start with Hope
  • Week 4: Cultivating Courage
  • Week 5: Developing Understanding when You Don't Get It
  • Week 6: Learning to Accept the Challenges That Come Your Way
  • Week 7: Releasing What You No Longer Need
  • Week 8: Giving and Receiving Gratitude
  • Week 9: Why Compassion Creates Connection
  • Week 10: Awakening Integrity
  • Week 11: When It's OK to be OK with Being Comfortable
  • Week 12: Keeping Faith When You Just Want to Walk Away
  • Week 13: Purifying Your Life (It's Not What You Think) 
  • Week 14: Finding Peace in Chaos 
  • Week 15: Discovering Your Ultimate Goal... JOY
  • Week 16: Awakening Your Inner Wisdom

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