Pelvic-Core Restore

Pelvic-Core Restore

10-Week Mini Ball Program |

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I am so glad you decided to partake in this 10 week program.

Now I know you are egar to get started, but please be mindful of a few things:

1. This program is best when the student participates in each of the weekly classes 2-4 times per week.

2. This program is set up in a drip feed, meaning you won't be able to skip ahead (I know). But there is a good reason why-in order for you to efficiently access the right muscles, and for many, retrain the ones that have been doing all the work for for you, most-likely your entire life, just skipping ahead will not give you the results you desire.

3. Take it slow, I am constantly encouraging you to go back to a previous week if you are still feeling XYZ or to skip a move if you are feeling ABC, for most of us all our life we have been told to "run through the pain", "no pain, no gain", or "don't give up, keep going". Well I have news for you, those words of encouragement although may have good intentions, may cause more pain and discomfort. Please carefully follow my instructions in each video.

4. It's about using the right muscles NOT doing the poses/moves. Let go of the idea of "advanced", in my world there is no such thing! Instead consider if you are using the right muscles, feeling the correct areas and sensations, this is the most effective gauge you can have for exercise and life!

5. Your core is 360 degrees round. And that means that your core is your front, sides and BACK (and pelvic floor)! Yes your back is a part of your core, so when you put your body in the correct position you will feel the area you are the weakest and for some that may mean your back.

6. Note the difference between pain and discomfort. Pain is anything hot, shooting or sharp, anything that causes numbness or tingling. When you feel these warning signs STOP, your body is saying something isn't right. Discomfort can often be in our head, you don't like this move because it is challenging you more than you'd like to admit or are use to. Discomfort is feeling something you are not use to but is not causing any harm or pain (except for the ego maybe).

7. If you have not yet purchased a mini ball you'll want to do that right away here, as this entire series revolved around this key core product!

8. Have fun! Please have fun and stay committed to the last week, I promise if you do, you won't be disappointed.

From my heart to yours....Namaste!

Hope Zvara
Creator of the HOPE Process: Helping Others Purposefully Excel through Breath, Body and Belief!

Hope is an enthusiastic breathe of fresh air!  Breath, Body, and Belief are the pillars of Hope’s mission in HelpingOthers Purposefully Excel, and yes, that spells HOPE!. Hope is a  nationally recognized speaker, best selling author and lifelong yogi and core integration expert.

Her early struggle with a life threatening eating disorder and then the loss of her first child led to fully guiding others to a life worth living.

Hope specializes in functional movement mechanics, full core integration exercises, and mindfulness and yoga that are accessible to everyone.

Hope is the creator of Core Functional Fitness and runs an online movement studio.  She is also a certified meditation teacher and has taught more than 15,000 hours of classes and taken more than 5,000 hours of training'!

Hope lives with her husband, three children, and owns and operates Copper Tree Yoga Studio in Wisconsin.