Core Functional Fitness Online Course

Core Functional Fitness

Online Course

Join Me . . . And I Will Personally Guide You To Delivering 408% More Power To Your Core Over The Next 3 Weeks (Even If You Don't Have A Clue What Your Core Really Is Yet)

Dear Fellow Fitness Advocate,

Until now, yoga & fitness instructors, personal trainers and students alike have been taught to lay on their backs to work their core, or to work their core separately, all together. These exercises (stemming from cadaver-based anatomy) don't work because the body doesn't really move that way. Our bicep doesn't just contract and move the arm, but rather the entire body is involved.

We are living beings, so therefore movement and fitness must be studied and practiced based on living tissues. My Core Functional Fitness Training approaches your core from all planes of motion - the way our bodies REALLY move - to reduce pain and injury, improve function, and deliver REAL power to your core - 408% more power!

During this amazing course, I will hold your feet to the fire as you achieve the ultimate mind-body transformation you've been seeking. Here's how the Core Functional Fitness Training (teacher training and personal transformation program) works:

The Core Functional Fitness Online Training is a 15-hour (YA CECs approved), step-by-step (walk-you-by-the-hand) online training, that is guaranteed to get your core fitness knowledge and application where you need it to be. All of the course content is available to you right away - you can take your time and go at YOUR PACE.

By the time you're done, you'll be moving better than ever before, and improving your core stability, mobility, and functionality no matter what your level or fitness discipline (because this is fitness for your everyday life!)

Remember...exercises are merely labels. Core Functional Fitness is a method of application for whatever exercises or routine you are already doing. Hope to meet you in the training area!

Hope Zvara - "The Real Deal"

Here's Exactly What You'll Get Inside
Core Functional Fitness -
Functional Foundation 

  • 14 modules of step-by-step instruction as lecture, application and exercises
  • Certificate of completion and the opportunity to continue toward teacher certification with Hope Zvara
  • BONUS 60-page PDF foundational manual for your ongoing reference and application
  • BONUS recordings of CoreXpert Q&A sessions with Hope Zvara

No worries. My training comes with a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee! AND there's no rush to get through the course.  Go at your own pace and get your certificate of completion when you're ready! (18.5 YA CECs Approved)

The BEST Core Functional Fitness Training Module-By-Module Breakdown

My comprehensive and specific Core Funtional Fitness Training holds NOTHING back! The training modules are organized into three parts (Lecture Pt1 & Pt2, Application, and Exercises) to help you organize your learning at your own pace :-)  Here’s the breakdown of what’s covered:

  1. MODULE #1: INTRODUCTION TO CORE FUNCTIONAL FITNESS & FUNCTIONAL MOVEMENT: Why Core Functional Fitness? What Are CFF Components? What Does Core Functional Fitness Mean? What Is Health To You? And, Four Essentials To Consider When Assessing A Student.
  2. MODULE #2: SYSTEMS OF THE BODY: Get an overview and understanding of all the body’s systems as they apply to our overall health, function and movement, including the lymphatic, cardiovascular, digestive, excretory, immune, integumentary, endocrine, muscular, skeletal, nervous, reproductive, and energetic systems.
  3. MODULE #3: UNDERSTANDING YOUR FOUNDATION: Learn what your core REALLY consists of, such as your local and global core muscles, large skeletal muscles, the stabilizing muscles of the back and spine, and the line of your core.
  4. MODULE #4: FUNCTIONAL MOVEMENT MECHANICS: What makes something functional? Learn proper breathing and posture analysis for CFF. Understand the three planes of motion and analyze your feet pronation and supination. 
  5. MODULE #5: PELVIC FLOOR TRAINING: Learn all about the muscles and exercises of the pelvic floor.
  6. MODULE #6: TEACHING LANGUAGE: Get tips for functional cueing, helpful core-based cues, words NOT to use to describe the core, questions for a functional, critical-thinking mind-body instructor, and how to create a non-intimidating class.
  7. MODULE #7: MINI-BALL ETIQUETTE: How to blow up your ball, and arm variations for the small ball.
  8. MODULE #8: DISCOVERING YOUR CORE EXERCISES: Pelvic Tilts, Abdominal Bracing, Small Ball Prep, Small Ball Extension, Small Ball Up-Down, Small Ball Open-Close, and Small Ball Oblique Pull
  9. MODULE #9: WARRIOR EXERCISES: Footwork, Functional Warrior, Lateral Bend, Lateral Reach, Reverse Functional Warrior, Folded Warrior II
  10. MODULE #10: STANDING EXERCISES: Functional Squat, Functional Squat Lateral Reach, Functional Hip Release Series, Core Pump, Functional Chair, Functional Chair With Ball, Reverse 100 With Small Ball, Rolling Oblique Side Bend
  11. MODULE #11: PRONE FLOOR WITH SMALL BALL: Prone Extension, Lower Body Lift & Hamstring Curl
  12. MODULE #12: SUPINE WORK WITH SMALL BALL: Heel Drops, Hip Tips, Bridging With The Ball, Bridge Marching, Bridging Hip Press, Psoas Release
  13. MODULE #13: TABLE & PLANK EXERCISES: Stretching Cat, Core Energy, Table Twist With Small Ball, Plank With Small Ball
  14. MODULE #14: OBLIQUE EXERCISES: Oblique Sidelying Etiquette & Beginner Movement, Oblique Hover, Side Plank Lift & Lower, One Arm Side Pushup
  15. MODULE #15: TESTING: After going through all of these modules at YOUR PACE, you can select to take and submit your answers to a brief, 10-20 question test.  Successfully passing the test with an 85% or higher will earn you a Core Functional fitness Level 1 Certificate of Completion.  Should you ever desire to become a certified teacher of Core Functional Fitness, you would use this certificate as proof to apply for Level 2 training. 

PLUS These Bonuses

Enjoy these additional bonus plus a surprise (but you won't know what that is until later):

  1. BONUS #1: 69-page Core Functional Fitness – Functional Foundations Manual

This PDF manual contains EVERY exercise for the entire body that is covered in this training, with full color photos and descriptions of every pose. You’ll use it again and again for teaching your students or for your personal reference.  AND, you will always be provided an updated manual whenever I add new, valuable content.

  1. BONUS #2: Recorded Q&A Sessions with Hope Zvara

I'll be sharing previously recorded Q&A sessions I hold with my VIP CoreXperts.  You'll likely have a lot of the same questions and benfit from listening in.

Still Not Sure? 

No Worries. Our Product Comes With A 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee!

I'm ready to prove everything I claim. Access Core Functional Fitness right now, and see it for yourself within the next 30 DAYS. If you believe my training does not live up to any of the claims I've stated here, I don't want your money, and I'll give every penny back to you. No hassles and we can part as friends. 100% Money-Back Guaranteed.

Course Curriculum

Prone Floor Work with Small Ball
BONUS: Q&A Session with Hope