Asana Video Library

taught by Hope Zvara

Course description

PLEASE NOTE: This online library will continue to be updated and added to as Hope continues to shoot videos. Enjoy!

Welcome to Hope Zvara's Asana Video Library.

This virtual offering has sprung out of continuous requesting for an extended way for Hope's past and current yoga teacher trainers and avid students wanting to continue to learn and practice their understandings and teaching of yoga postures from a functional approach.

Each of the yoga poses explained and taught in this library take the view through why we do the pose, the proper set up of the posture, how to cue the pose, what to look for when it comes to misalignment and how physical adjust the pose when it is seen fit.

Many come to Hope's unique approach to yoga and movement because their current practice or exercise regimen just isn't cutting it. Many find Hope's teachings to be refreshing, authentic, and encouraging as she believe and teaches that it's not about putting our bodies into poses or forcing exercise movements, but rather about what the movement or pose is trying to teach us and modifying or tweaking from there when needed.

This Asana Video Library is a must have tool for digging deeper into the yoga poses in a way that makes sense for your body--pain and injury free.

The Asana Video Library is essential for every teacher teaching yoga, even if it's to simply tweak or update tweaks, techniques and insights as to what the yoga poses can really do for us on and off the mat.

Imagine what one small but powerful tweak or tip could do for you OR--your dozens of students?

Hope Zvara
Hope Zvara
Creator of the HOPE Process: Helping Others Purposefully Excel through Breath, Body and Belief!

Hope is an enthusiastic breathe of fresh air!  Breath, Body, and Belief are the pillars of Hope’s mission in HelpingOthers Purposefully Excel, and yes, that spells HOPE!. Hope is a  nationally recognized speaker, best selling author and lifelong yogi and core integration expert.

Her early struggle with a life threatening eating disorder and then the loss of her first child led to fully guiding others to a life worth living.

Hope specializes in functional movement mechanics, full core integration exercises, and mindfulness and yoga that are accessible to everyone.

Hope is the creator of Core Functional Fitness and runs an online movement studio.  She is also a certified meditation teacher and has taught more than 15,000 hours of classes and taken more than 5,000 hours of training'!

Hope lives with her husband, three children, and owns and operates Copper Tree Yoga Studio in Wisconsin.